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I like to think of "listening to your body" as a movement.

A movement that could signify this energy that links listening, feeling and interiority.

This energy which connects, and which sets us in motion, without any desire for technical, artistic demonstration, or expectation or interpretation, to achieve or obtain ... Like this gesture, which dances deep within us, and allows us to feel alive and present in this moment ...

How? 'Or' What? 

In a sensitive progression, through different movements and postures on the ground, sitting, standing ... quietly, the body learns to free itself from these tensions that hold back and resist, to find a certain letting go that will make it more available. something else, otherwise, to rediscover, smell and travel in oneself, through its own flavors. So, to find this space that really resembles us, and allows us to better understand ourselves, to listen to ourselves better, to know ourselves better in order to speak better and to find awareness ... thereby, to appease us, to find a form of freedom in ourselves ... to be.

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